Recent sample engagements where Berryman Prime, LLC has provided professional investigative expertise, money tracing, and consulting services to law firms, corporations, and/or sports governing bodies in the private sector since retiring from federal law enforcement in mid-2018:

  • Provided investigative expertise and global asset tracing to a law firm representing a big-data corporate client concerning a world-wide patent, intellectual property, and insider trading investigation.
  • Provided professional services to a law firm representing an individual client whose family-owned commercial real estate investments valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars and were the subject of financial malfeasance and misappropriation by a relative. The engagement concerned financial statement fraud and ownership percentage manipulation.
  • Was the lead financial investigator as part of an external ethics and integrity investigation of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) organized in Switzerland and headquartered in Hungary.  The allegations concerned corruption in sports governance, to include financial mismanagement and anti-doping violations.  The investigative team documented numerous doping offenses and over $10.4 million of missing funds from the books and records of the organization.
  • Provided general investigative services to a law firm representing a corporate construction client involved in a criminal action where the CEO was accused of conspiring with a state official who it was alleged was involved with embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds.  The financial investigation assisted in all charges ultimately being dismissed against the client.
  • Assisted a lawyer in the investigation and asset tracing relative to the fraudulent conversion of tens of millions of dollars from an investment scheme originating in China.  Traced multiple pieces of real property purchased in California and Hawaii, concealed insurance policies, luxury vehicle acquisitions, and layering of funds to conceal their source, nature, origin.
  • Hired by USA Weightlifting as an external and independent investigator to perform an unbiased and objective investigation based upon allegations made by a whistleblower.
  • Performed a large-scale financial investigation for a law firm in a civil action pertaining to the legal cannabis industry.
  • Currently an external and independent investigator for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) as part of their recently formed Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP) and Complex Case Unit (CCU).  The CCU investigates various type of bylaw infraction cases for such matters as impermissible inducement and benefits associated with recruiting and enrollment, failure to monitor by coaches and universities, and overall violations of principles of ethical conduct.